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Rights & Privacy

Personal Health/Emotional Health information of students receiving care in the Marlboro College Total Health Center is confidential and held separate from any other information regarding a student.

This information is accessed only by staff of the Total Health Center. Personal health information may be shared or discussed between providers in the Total Health Center, which includes consulting Physicians as appropriate, on an as needed basis. In such situations, only the information necessary to provide optimal care to a student will be discussed or shared between providers. Use and disclosure of personal health information for collaborative treatment is allowed without a signed patient authorization in circumstances where the information is used for treatment, payment, health care operations, or as required by law.

In the event information is requested by an outside source, it will be done so only with the student’s written authorization.

Patients have the right to:

  1. Receive a notice of privacy practices.
  2. Restrict use and disclosure of their personal medical information.
  3. Access and receive a copy of their medical records.
  4. File a privacy complaint.
  5. Revoke an authorization for the use and disclosure of personal health information.
  6. Receive an accounting of disclosures made in the past six years.
  7. Request an amendment of their medical records.


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