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Meal Plan Information

Marlboro’s dining hall provides three meals every weekday and two meals (brunch and dinner) on the weekends.

Vegetarian and allergy-sensitive meal options are always available. Students who live on campus* can elect to either have a 19 meals/week or 14 meals/week plan. Students who live off campus who want to eat on campus are eligible to purchase a meal plan.

The 19 meal plan option provides you with an opportunity to eat every meal in the dining hall each week. The 19 meal plan with $250 flex includes declining “dining” dollars to spend in the coffee shop on campus. The 14 meal plan option provides you with up to 14 meals per week in the dining hall, plus $250 in declining “dining” dollars to spend in the coffee shop on campus. Students who live in semi-independent housing or who live off campus may purchase the 7 meal plan option that includes $250 in declining “dining” dollars but are not required to be on any meal plan since they have a fully functional private kitchen. (FYI - Meals do not carry over from week to week and the declining dollars must be used by the end of each semester).

Meal Plans Year Semester
19 Meals Per Week $5,310 $2,655
19 Meals Per Week + $250 Flex $5,760 $2,880
14 Meals Per Week + $250 Flex $5,310 $2,655

7-Meals Per Week + $250 Flex

This option is only for commuters or semi-independent housing residents

$3,090 $1,545


To learn more about menus, catering programs and services, please visit the dining hall’s lovely website!

To select or change your meal plan, please go here:

*On campus is defined as living in one of the following residences: All the Way, Half-Way, Happy Valley, Hendricks, Howland, Random North, Random South and Schrader.


(a mostly random selection of Marlboro microdestinations)