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Study Abroad

Two students stand at a scenic outlook with mountains behind them, in Mexico.

We love re-inventing the wheel with you. 

Marlboro offers summer, semester, and year-long programs within the United States and abroad. You won’t find a list of pre-approved programs that you have to pick from in our study abroad office. Instead, we’ll work one-on-one to find a program that’s right for you. Our first question to you will always be: “How do you want to challenge yourself during your time abroad, and what does that look like?” With your goals in mind, we’ll find a perfect fit, every time.

Why Study Abroad? 

Studying overseas is one of the most challenging, interesting—and yes, fun! experiences you can have as an undergraduate. Talk to anyone who has studied abroad and they will tell you the stories they have about intercultural understanding, interesting differences, unique challenges and experiences utterly unlike anything they could have imagined in the US.

Studying abroad can help you jump-start your career, expand your academic horizon and grow and develop yourself on the personal level.

College years are also one of the best times to go abroad. Not only is your schedule relatively flexible, but going abroad as part of your degree will also provide you with experiences few other US graduates have (only 10% of US college students study abroad by the time they graduate).

What are my options? 

While some schools have a limited number of available programs or locations, Marlboro students have virtually unlimited choice over their preferences to go abroad. Some of the most popular programs are:

  • Marlboro Exchange Partners - Marlboro has five international partner universities around the world, where students can study for a year or a semester. Learn more…
  • Faculty-led trips - Every year, Marlboro faculty offer one or more semester-long courses that involve a trip abroad to delve deeper into the course topic. Learn more…
  • World Studies Program - The World Studies Program is a four-year liberal arts course of study with an international lens, combining on-campus classes with a six-to-eight-month internship in a foreign culture. Students who complete the program receive a Bachelor of Arts or Science in International Studies and their area of concentration. Learn more…


(a mostly random selection of Marlboro microdestinations)