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Exchange Opportunities


Expedition Education Institute aka “The Bus”

EEI provides semester-long traveling programs each fall and spring, where students and faculty live and learn together out of a custom-retrofitted school bus. The group eats, sleeps, and studies outdoors in specific bioregions, exploring the local and global environmental challenges faced by communities and ecosystems. Students gain a deep and critical understanding of complex issues by learning directly from regionally based leaders, and by engaging diverse geographic and cultural communities as their classroom.

College for Social Innovation - Semester in the City

Students can join CSI as Social Innovation Fellows, and participate in a transformative 15-week program that allows them to address current social issues while developing essential skills and networks that prepare them for life and work after graduation. Social Innovation Fellows will intern four days a week with a leading social sector organization, working under a dedicated mentor. In addition, Fellows will participate in classroom activities and earn full credit from their home college with no additional tuition costs.


AVIC Semester Exchange

Marlboro students have access to 13 other private undergraduate institutions in the state through a semester exchange program spearheaded by the Association of Vermont Independent Colleges (AVIC). The AVIC Semester Exchange Program allows students to experience a different educational environment without leaving the country or facing a language barrier and still graduate on time from your home institution. Colleges currently participating in the exchange program are:


CIEL Semester Exchange

Marlboro belongs to the Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning, consisting of 12 institutions that share a commitment to progressive educational practices in the Deweyian tradition. While most colleges and universities have innovative programs, often on the margins of traditional practices, CIEL schools put innovation and experimentation at the core of their mission, organization, and everyday work. Marlboro students are eligible to apply for a one- or two-semester exchange to one of the following CIEL institutions.


(a mostly random selection of Marlboro microdestinations)