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Emergency Procedures

This Emergency Response Plan was developed for the Marlboro College community to respond to situations that threaten students, faculty, staff or property of the College.

The following information outlines a framework for determining the level of response and provides contact information and step-by-step protocols for a variety of events. While it is impossible to produce procedures that address all possible eventualities, the following materials should serve as a guide for handling campus emergencies and disasters through the effective use of available personnel and resources. We will always strive to place Marlboro in an active position to protect students, staff, faculty, and visitors in case of an emergency or disaster and to enhance the college’s ability to quickly return to normal operations after an interruption in services.

Please be aware that by calling the numbers listed below, you are activating the Marlboro College On-Campus Crisis Response system. For non-emergency matters, please call (802) 257-4333 and leave a message. The appropriate party returns your message as soon as possible, during regular business hours.

In Case of you Encounter or are Involved in an Emergency Situation:

In the Event of a Threat to Campus Safety:

In the Event of a Widespread Disaster:

Evacuation Maps:


(a mostly random selection of Marlboro microdestinations)