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Bridges Program

At the end of August, all new Marlboro students will arrive on campus, drop off their belongings, and set off into the world. You may venture up mountains, paddle down rivers, explore the meaning of ritual in every day life, or investigate your surroundings through the lens of science. You may spend your nights in a tent under a canopy of stars, or cozy up in a cabin, sipping late night tea. You will explore what it means to build connections, push your growing edge, and explore integrating into Marlboro College in whatever stage of life you find yourself in. Whether you’re coming to college for the first time, transferring for a better fit, or returning to academics after a different kind of life, Bridges is a space for deep experiential learning, building honest relationships, and recognizing the need for transition.

All trips are designed and led by current Marlboro College students and recent alums, with organizational and logistical support provided by Liza Mitrofanova (Bridges Program Director) and Nikolas Katrick (Director of Outdoor Programs). Support is also provided by Res Life, Student Life Coordinators, alumni, and student employees.

Any questions can be addressed to the Liza, the Bridges Program Director, at

For more questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Important Dates

  • All 2019 trips will run from Sunday August 25th through Saturday August 31st.
  • On June 1st bridges selection will be live. Click the link to fill out your trip preference form.
  • Bridges Trip selection will close on July 15th.
  • You’ll find out which trip you’re on via email from your trip leaders about a week after July 15th. They will give you further details.

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You will get the most out of the Bridges experience if you stretch slightly outside of your comfort zone in making your selection. This is a space for growth and transition.

2019 Trip Offerings

Fun and Games

Indoor Accommodations

Games, martial arts, and activities of all sorts are a great way to explore vulnerability as a group. Along with exploring rural Vermont, we will be utilizing the knowledge of local fencing and martial arts teachers to sharpen our skills and stab our friends (No experience needed). Growing up doesn’t mean you have to lose your playful spirit. Marlboro is a fun place. Come with us to explore Marlboro campus and the towns around the college. We will dissect the art of play and utilize Marlboro campus to learn about ourselves in the light of change, bringing us together through winning and losing. We will be staying inside with access to showers and will be making food as a group. All equipment provided.

Canoe in a World Between Worlds (full)

Backcountry Camping

Join us for a canoe journey through the Adirondack wilderness – a place where you can leave behind the world you know and surrender to the rhythms and moods of a winding river. Together we will explore the territory that opens within when we slow down, relax, and attune to “the spaces in between.” Each day will include several hours of canoeing, “solo time” (to watch clouds, listen to loons, journal, paint…), and “councils” for listening to one another’s emerging insights. There will be physically demanding days and some mild whitewater stretches to navigate, but canoeing and camping experience is not required. In our campsite homes we will explore a sense of community through music, stories, food, and other passions we bring to share with one another. We will practice cultivating stillness as we move through the world, preparing to flow peacefully into Marlboro and college life.

Tour de Vermont

Camping (some access to facilities)

Do you enjoy biking, being outside, breathing hard, and camping? Come for a ride through southern and central Vermont and immerse yourself in the beautiful New England atmosphere! This trip will meander down roads with minimal traffic and that take us to scenic areas, farm stands, and country stores. We will spend time learning the basics of biking safety, handling bike luggage, bike repair, safe road instructions, and general orientation with one another and Vermont! We will be traveling anywhere from 5 to 20 miles per day, depending on how we feel as a communicative and respectful group. Sore muscles, wind in your face, and other fun and interactive components are part of this adventure and will help us all grow as a community.

For this trip you will need to know how to ride a bicycle, be prepared for physical activity, and pay supportive and considerate attention to others on the trip. We are very excited to bring you along for this summer adventure and to get to know you. We will provide bicycles, gear, and helmets if you don’t have access to them. If you would like to use your own gear, we will reach out in July to make sure it is safe and appropriate for this trip. We hope that if you choose this trip it excites you and offers an invigorating welcome to Marlboro College and the culture within Southern Vermont!

The Musk of Earth and Moon (full)

Indoor accommodations

Some day, if you are lucky,
you’ll return from a thunderous journey
trailing snake scales, wing fragments
and the musk of Earth and moon.
-Geneen Marie Haugen

Are you ready for your thunderous journey? From endings to beginnings, from Earth to moon, get ready to spend a week immersed in rituals and storytelling: embracing the mundane and the exceptional. We will practice ritual marking changes in stages of life, time of day, season, self, and story. We will also use ritual and story to hold the world steady in the middle of change. Focused on both your individual experience and how we are tied together, this week is meant to be a time for self reflection, growth, and building new relationships- both to each other, ourselves, and the world and wild woods we inhabit. In addition to exploring change through ritual and story, we’ll hang out around campfires, go swimming, tell jokes and cook together. Come prepared to spend your days outside, with indoor sleeping arrangements and plumbing.

Guided by Mountains

Backcountry Camping

On this backpacking trip, we will pull ourselves out from our daily routines and immerse ourselves in the breathtaking natural world of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Embarking together on a challenging outdoor expedition, we will create a space for participants to intentionally transition into a new life at Marlboro. Come prepared to trek some of the Northeast’s most stunning peaks, cliffs and gorges in the famous Pemigewasset Wilderness. Most days, we will hike, following streams for four to eight miles a day and camp in tents under the stars. Every participant is expected to share the load and carry a backpack weighing about 35 pounds each day, packed with group gear in addition to their personal gear. The physical routine will be challenging, but regardless of experience with backpacking or outdoor expedition, everyone with a willingness both to push themselves and to act for the good of the group is welcome. The group will work together as we all safely expand our comfort zones, discovering along the way that we are stronger and more flexible than we might’ve realized.


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