Broomball: More than Just a Game.

“It’s Marlboro College’s annual Broomball tournament once again,” blares the PA speakers. “Three time champions Prime Time Saints face the defending champion faculty team Skid Pro Quo in the final game of the tournament. The atmosphere is pretty intense.”

There is an ice rink in the middle of the campus. The scene resembles something similar to what would be an ice hockey game. There’s an audience loudly cheering the players, holding up signs. There is a campfire to get warm by, and food and warm beverages. Some players are wearing wacky costumes. This is not just another weekend at Marlboro.

For those people who don’t know what Broomball is, it’s a winter sport that is played with a ball that vaguely resembles a soccer ball and a stick that has a small paddle at the end. I really did think that we used actual brooms but we don’t. Guess my dream of playing Quidditch like Harry Potter still has to wait. Broomball apparently is a Marlboro tradition, dating all the way back to the 80s. It has been happening annually ever since, and it was very thrilling to see everyone gathered for the event. We had students, alumni, faculty, staff, and everyone just committed and ready to start playing.

As someone who had never done winter sports before, or barely seen so much snow (my experience with skiing was not great, but it’s a story for another day!), it was really fun to learn and play a new sport. So, when the captain of our broomball team, the Prime Time Saints approached us I really got excited about it. There were lots of barriers to cross so that I could play well, the biggest one being not falling on the ice. But with extra padding on most of my body parts I could work through it. I must say that I was pretty sore for the week or so. But eventually we did end up winning the Golden Broom, creating history forever.

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