Marlboro College Signs Transfer Agreements with Three other Institutions

Following the November announcement that Marlboro College is pursuing an alliance with Boston-based Emerson, the college announced that they also formed transfer agreements with three other colleges. Although most students will likely transfer to Emerson, they now have the option to transfer with relative ease to College of the Atlantic, in Maine, as well as Bennington College and Castleton University in Vermont.

“We understand students have various preferences and needs in meeting their academic goals, and that for some students transferring to an institution other than Emerson may be their best path forward,” said Marlboro Dean of Admissions Fumio Sugihara. “We want to share this news about three very attractive transfer options that are now complete, while a fourth is currently in the process of being signed.”

As part of these transfer agreements, each of the three institutions has agreed to waive application fees, waive certain requirements within their transfer application process, and accept most of Marlboro’s credits. In terms of financial aid, Castleton University has agreed that students will pay the equivalent or less as they would have at Marlboro. College of the Atlantic and Bennington College have agreed to work closely with students and their families, as well as the Financial Aid Office at Marlboro, to evaluate and serve each student’s individual financial aid needs.

Provided that the merger with Emerson College is finalized, students continuing on to Emerson will join the newly named Marlboro Institute of Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies. There they will join the majority of Marlboro tenured and tenure-track faculty, who are also continuing onto Emerson. But the college remains sensitive to students’ needs and supportive of alternative decisions, whether these involve College of the Atlantic, Bennington, Castleton, or any other college.

“Admissions will support any student interested in transferring to an institution other than the Marlboro Institute, including institutions that are not included in our partnerships,” said Sugihara. The college has agreed to pay application fees for students transferring to non-partnered colleges. “With regards to these new, partnered transfer agreements, we will assist students with paperwork and connecting with the appropriate people at each institution.”

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