Emerson faculty visit Marlboro to collaborate with future colleagues

A delegation of Emerson College faculty visited on December 17 and 18 to meet with Marlboro students and faculty to begin charting out their future academic work at Emerson. Amy Ansell, dean of the Institute of Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies, was joined by members of the Emerson Curriculum Committee and other faculty leaders for this exciting and productive visit. They met with Marlboro students considering transferring to Emerson and faculty members wanting to learn more about their role in the newly named institute.

The visit culminated with an afternoon-long collaboration with members of Marlboro’s Strategic Options Task Force, Curriculum Committee, and Committee on Faculty, including four students. Together, the future colleagues brainstormed and discussed what critical parts of the Marlboro curriculum and culture could be transferred to Emerson, and explored how the Marlboro Institute would support a new, four-year program of interdisciplinary inquiry.

Subjects discussed included faculty course load, classroom size, credits dedicated to individually designed study, culminating capstone projects, and continuing to fulfill the Marlboro Promise through classroom components. Special considerations for Marlboro students transferring to Emerson were also discussed. Much progress was made in these areas, and all parties agreed to work toward future visits and further refinement of the Marlboro Institute curriculum design.

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