A Sense of Belongingness at Community Service Day

Pranit Chand, November 11, 2019

“It’s always a fun day at the farm,” I exclaimed to chemistry professor Todd Smith, who was coordinating work on the farm for community service day in October. As someone who has been very much involved in community service, I looked forward to getting my hands dirty again. So, I grabbed a shovel and started pulling weeds from the garden beds. One by one. Bunch by bunch. We were done by the afternoon. Everything looked clean, ready to plant our winter cover crop.

But the thing about community service is not what you give but what you get. First is the sense of community belonging. It was not just me, but each and every person who was helping out with the farm. We all were there because we cared for the community, and that is a very enriching experience. Becoming a part of the bigger picture, and realizing it is a contribution for something meaningful is a transcendent experience.

Another thing I’ve discovered about community service is that you become more compassionate for your environment. Every task that we were given, all of us fulfilled with the utmost care and diligence. Everyone felt that we had accomplished something significant to improve the campus. The tasks we were handed were not very daunting, or difficult, or prestigious, but the companionship that we experienced made our tasks seem important..

The entire point of community service is to connect and grow. While some of us were singing songs, some were ranting about politics, and others were just enjoying the breeze together. Each one of us had a story to tell and someone to listen. Working in community helped us connect and grow together, make a few new friends, and learn so many new things.

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