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Plan of Concentration

Turn Your Passion into a Plan

Plans of Concentration in the Library's Plan RoomEvery Marlboro student completes a Plan of Concentration as part of the graduation requirements, and those Plans are deposited with the Library. The Library then binds and professionally catalogs the Plans, adding them to the permanent collection and turning Marlboro graduates into published authors. Plan authors retain the copyright to their Plans, which means they determine the level of access to their work prior to graduation.

Plans of Concentration in our collection become sources of inspiration to future students and models for how to do a Plan in a particular discipline (or multiple disciplines mashed up in a cool way).

The Plan Room

The Plan Room (the coolest room on campus) is housed on the ground floor of the Rice-Aron Library, and contains Plans of Concentration dating back to 1950. As new Plans are added at the end of each academic year, the Plan Room is a living record of everything that has been studied and taught at Marlboro. The Plan Room is accessible anytime the Service Desk is staffed, and Plans can be browsed in our catalog.


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