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Marlboro Web Style Guide

The Marlboro web site is built with a set of designs, styles, and components that should be used consistently throughout the site. These pages explain how, when, and why to use these elements to make your webpages engaging and informative.

The Big Picture

Webpages communicate with more than just static information. Images and video help tell Marlboro’s story— and so do stories, events, faculty and staff profiles, student work, and more.

The Marlboro design system comes with a wide variety of tools intended to help site managers reach their audiences in as many ways as possible, using all the content resources you have at your disposal. 

The image at left illustrates the “kitchen sink” version of the Marlboro site design. No page ought to actually look like this— that would be overwhelming to a site visitor!— but these are all elements that can be mixed and matched throughout the site.  

Some of these elements are intended for use only on top level landing pages, where their content is curated by Marlboro’s communications team. Others can be dropped onto any page of the site as widgets, and will automatically show content that belongs to the group that owns that page.  The intent is to provide content managers with the tools to tell their stories, and to inform (and perhaps even delight) your audiences.

The components of the Marlboro design system are presented in two sets:

  1. Page content styles

    These pages explain the styles and content elements that can be used when editing your webpages. Pages include a review of the basic page template, text and link styles, to content accordions, and quick links.

  2. Using widgets

    “Widgets” are design elements that display your group’s dynamic content (like news, events, profiles, blurbs, etc.) onto the pages of your website. There are plenty of options available to help you make the most of whatever content you have to work with.


If you need help with anything related to the Marlboro web, contact our web team at email address TBA.

This image illustrates the variety of content options that are available in the Marlboro site des...



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