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Teach Out Agreement with Prescott College

Prescott College is a small, innovative college based in Arizona with a mission to educate students of diverse ages and backgrounds to understand, thrive in, and enhance our world community and environment. Their graduate degrees attract self-directed students, eager to learn in an experiential program that acknowledges individuals’ interests and learning styles. The majority of their graduate degrees are hybrid programs that allow students to make your community your classroom, with occasional visits to campus for orientation and colloquium to interact with your peers and your professors.

Here you’ll find the definitive terms of Marlboro’s agreement with Prescott College:

  1. All Marlboro College student credits will be accepted toward an equal or comparable degree program at Prescott College. Prescott College will provide 100% transfer of all credits granted or accepted as transfer by Marlboro College including graduate credits and guarantee admission with no application fees.
  2. The net cost to complete courses and other requirements to graduate for each student transferring to Prescott College from Marlboro College will cost the same or less than what they would pay at Marlboro College (inclusive of all costs: tuition, residency expenses, fees, etc.).
  3. The pathway to graduation for each student transferring to Prescott College will allow the student to complete faster or on the same timeframe as was possible at Marlboro College.
  4. Prescott College will waive minimum enrollment time and credit requirements at Prescott College for Marlboro students.
  5. Prescott College’s programs are available in a low residency or online format, and residency requirements will be waived for Marlboro students.
  6. Whenever possible, students in licensure programs will be supported in obtaining an equal or comparable license.
  7. Prescott will provide information and advising to Marlboro College students about options and pathways for completing their degrees within the degree programs at Prescott College through Prescott College’s on-campus and/or online deliveries.
  8. With the exception of some requirements in Prescott College’s professional preparation programs that result in certification or licensure, Prescott College’s approach to individualized degree planning allows Marlboro College degree plans to be used more or less “as is” on Prescott College degree plans. Students seeking licensure must complete the program requirements specified for the professional program. Marlboro College students may complete their degree plans using Prescott College’s on-campus or online courses in combination with individualized mentored course studies which result in individualized course titles on the Prescott College transcript. Undergraduate and graduate degree plans may specify an individualized concentration title that will be listed on diploma and transcript so that Marlboro College degree titles carry forward with Prescott College records.
  9. Prescott College will commit staff and faculty time to work with Marlboro faculty, advisors and enrollment management staff to support each individual student in preparing for transfer and teach-out at Prescott College including development of individualized degree plans. Marlboro College will commit staff and faculty time to support each student in preparing for transfer and teach-out at Prescott College. Marlboro will support and provide opportunities for regular in-person and electronic communications for Prescott College to Marlboro students regarding the transition process.
  10. Prescott College will deploy an advising, academic support and student services team to support the success of continuing Marlboro College students.
  11. When possible, Prescott College is willing to hire Marlboro faculty to work with Marlboro students who transfer, offering a cohesive experience. Prescott College will offer employment as part-time Associate Faculty to one or more Marlboro faculty in a manner proportional to the enrollment of Marlboro students and their curricular and advising needs as deemed appropriate and sufficient by Prescott College.
  12. Interested Marlboro College faculty members may be hired by Prescott College as “mentors” for individualized and individually-named mentored-study courses on a student-by-student basis or group basis.
  13. The teach out is contingent upon review and approval of the New England Commission of Higher Education.
  14. If NECHE will allow Marlboro to maintain degree granting authority, the student transferring to Prescott College will be given the option of graduating with a degree from Prescott College or Marlboro College.
  15. Both parties agree to keep this agreement confidential until a mutually agreed upon time where details can be shared with students, faculty, and staff.
  16. The obligations of the parties under this Agreement and all terms contained herein are contingent upon and not to take effect unless and until the Marlboro College Board of Trustees determines and announces the final transition or closure of Marlboro College or one or more of its degree programs.

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Marlboro College
Associate Director of Admissions: Mary Reilly
(802) 258-9230

Mary Scarpa
Regional Director of Admissions

Hava Villaverde
Faculty Director, MBA


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