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Student Groups

At Marlboro, students follow their passions. If there is a club or activity it is because an inspired student or group of students took the initiative to launch it.

Barbershop quartets are one of the many groups that percolate up naturally from students' interes...Instead of being top-down, groups are generated from the ground up, and grow as new students join our campus with new interests and fresh enthusiasm.

For example, the Farm Committee started in 2002 as a group of students interested in growing organic vegetables. Now it is an established committee with an annual budget from Town Meeting, and it regularly provides fresh produce for community dinners and other events. Other active special interest committees include the Film Committee, Environmental Quality Committee, Spiritual Life Committee, and Food Committee, adding new energy to campus activities and initiatives each year.

Other groups are more informal, but just as persistent, such as the fencing club, which brings in a local, skilled swashbuckler to teach them how to thrust, paree, and blaspheme like a Medieval knight-errant. There have been groups that gather to play on the climbing wall together, knit together, play board games together, do contact improv together, play jazz together, meditate together, and ferment things together. In recent years there has been a bodacious boxing club and an awesome acapella group. There has even been a group that gathered weekly to watch an episode of Sharpe’s Rifles, the acclaimed television drama. If there is something you are passionate about, you can pursue that interest with like-minded students at Marlboro.

Student Publications

Marlboro students like to write, so it’s no surprise that there is a vibrant community newspaper, known as The Citizen, as well as a literary magazine put together by students. Articles in The Citizen vary from serious editorials to tongue-in-cheek campus news, from oblique photo-essays to “Horrorscopes” like “Sagittarius: Money from strangers can be expected. Red is your color. Watch where you put your thumb.” The Citizen editor is elected each year by Town Meeting, and works with a staff of fellow students to collecting and edit work from contributors.

The Marlboro College Literary Magazine is also entirely created and edited by students, and the editor is elected at Town Meeting. Submissions vary from poetry to essays to short stories, and reflect the strong and adventurous writing skills of Marlboro community members. For example, this poem by student Joanna Moyer-Battick:

Winter Coat by Day
but when I get up to pee
the shadow of a man
bending to pull up his boots


(a mostly random selection of Marlboro microdestinations)