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Outdoor Recreation

Find balance by connecting with the broader ecological community in the Northeast, learn to be a leader, or exercise a critical mammalian behavior: play.

Outdoor Program

The Outdoor Program (OP) helps connect the Marlboro community to the landscapes and ecosystems of Southern Vermont… and beyond. On-campus, a 17+ mile trail system, climbing wall, and sauna complement the hills and forests that make up Marlboro College. Off-campus, multiple lakes, rivers, and mountains are within an hour drive of campus for hiking, rock climbing, paddling, and numerous other activities. The OP hosts yearly events, runs an extensive leadership training program, and conducts expeditionary trips to places all over the globe.

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Student Activities and Recreation

Student Activities and Recreation runs a variety of programs, some more organized, and some more chaotic! Soccer in the fall is usually the most organized, as well as Historic Fencing practice and pick-up games of volleyball or softball. Perhaps the favorite on campus is the annual Broomball tournament, where students, staff, and faculty compete for the “golden broom” (and bragging rights). Recreation maintains the fitness gym, the ice rink in the winter, and has a gym in Person’s Auditorium for indoor sports and activities. 

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Bridges Orientation Program

At the end of August, all new Marlboro students will arrive on campus, drop off their belongings, and set off into the world. You may venture up mountains, paddle down rivers, explore the meaning of ritual in every day life, or investigate your surroundings through the lens of science. You may spend your nights in a tent under a canopy of stars, or cozy up in a cabin, sipping late night tea. You will explore what it means to build connections, push your growing edge, and explore integrating into Marlboro College in whatever stage of life you find yourself in… Whether you’re coming to college for the first time, transferring for a better fit, or returning to academics after a different kind of life, Bridges is a space for deep experiential learning, building honest relationships, and recognizing the need for transition.

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