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St. Michael’s College

Saint Michael’s College is a Liberal Arts institution of about 1,700 undergraduates along with 250 graduates and international students in Colchester, Vermont. About 98 percent of their student body lives on their 440 acre campus and students choose from over 40 majors with the option of entering an honors program, along with various internships and study abroad opportunities. Saint Michael’s also houses a diverse body of student organizations with upwards of 40 different programs. For a smaller Liberal Arts institution, students have access to a larger resource of 132 full-time faculty and their student to teacher ratio is 13:1 with an average class size of 18 students.

Here you’ll find the definitive terms of Marlboro’s agreement with Saint Michael’s College:

Saint Michael’s College and Marlboro College, both institutions of higher education accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Commission of Higher Education, have concluded an Exigency Transfer Agreement. This agreement will enable currently enrolled Marlboro College students to complete a baccalaureate degree at Saint Michael’s College. Both Saint Michael’s College and Marlboro College enter into this agreement with an understanding that the terms enumerated herein should serve to foster student success.

Specifically, Saint Michael’s College and Marlboro College agree to the following:

  1. The agreement will become effective only after the New England Commission of Higher Education has expressed its approval of all terms.
  2. The obligation pursuant to this agreement shall terminate when the following conditions have occurred:
    1. All Marlboro College students accepted by Saint Michael’s College pursuant to this agreement have either graduated from Saint Michael’s College or failed to be continuously enrolled in Saint Michael’s College; or
    2. Four years from July 1, 2020.
  3. Saint Michael’s College will waive admission application fees for students applying through this agreement.
  4. Saint Michael’s College will review Transfer Common Applications for admissions from currently matriculated students who are in good conduct and good academic standing at Marlboro College as of July 1, 2020, including those who may be on a leave of absence. Saint Michael’s College requests that transfer applicants provide the Common Application College Report, a Mid-Semester Grade Report (if applying during the spring semester), as well as a final high school transcript. Marlboro College will, with student permission, provide official copies of applicants’ final high school transcripts to Saint Michael’s College.
  5. Saint Michael’s College will accept academic credits completed at or transferred into Marlboro College with regard to fulfilling general education and major requirements so as to facilitate timely degree completion. This includes grades of C- or above, but not incompletes.
  6. Saint Michael’s College will be flexible with graduation requirements specifically surrounding the college’s core curriculum and expectations concerning credits completed while in residence. Typically, transfer students are expected to be in residence at least two years and to have a minimum of 64 credits earned at Saint Michael’s College of which at least 18 credits can be applied to a major, a maximum of four courses may transfer to count toward the major, and 24 of the final 32 credits must be taken at Saint Michael’s College. As part of the transfer credit evaluation process, transfer applicants from Marlboro would connect with the Registrar at Saint Michael’s College to complete a full credit review allowing a tailored a flexible approach based on the individual student’s record.
  7. Saint Michael’s College will provide a financial aid package to each student that creates an equivalent or lower net tuition expense for 2020-2021 as the student was billed by Marlboro College in 2019-2020. Marlboro College will provide a record of current financial aid packages for all students that apply to Saint Michael’s College.
  8. Marlboro College will provide official final transcripts for all students who transfer to Saint Michael’s College.
  9. Saint Michael’s College Registrar and advisors will avail themselves to students to assist in planning out degree completion with the goal of eliminating barriers. Saint Michael’s realizes the importance of timely degree completion for Marlboro students and will make all reasonable efforts.
  10. Any Marlboro College student who fails to apply, be accepted, and matriculate at Saint Michael’s College by July 25, 2020 shall be excluded from this agreement.

Contact Information Includes:

Marlboro College
Associate Director of Admissions: Mary Reilly 
(802) 258-9230


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