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Hampshire College

Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, is a vibrant and dynamic liberal arts college with nearly 1200 undergraduate students and over 100 full time faculty. Hampshire’s student-to-faculty ratio is 10 with an average class size of 14 students. Hampshire’s pedagogical philosophy is similar to Marlboro’s in the sense that students are motivated by self-designed courses of study as they enter a Plan of Concentration their senior year. The college emphasizes multidisciplinary study by encouraging students to engage with coursework across departments representing critical questions in the humanities and sciences. Additionally, Hampshire applies written narratives by faculty rather than grades in the evaluation of their students’ academic progress.

Here you’ll find the definitive terms of Marlboro’s agreement with Bennington College:

Hampshire College and Marlboro College, both institutions of higher education accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Commission of Higher Education, have concluded an Exigency Transfer Agreement. This agreement will enable currently enrolled Marlboro College students to complete a baccalaureate degree at Hampshire College. Both Hampshire College and Marlboro College enter into this agreement with an understanding that the terms enumerated herein should serve to foster student success. The agreement is to remain confidential between the signatories and is contingent upon and not to take effect unless or until the Marlboro College Board of Trustees determines and announces the merger of Marlboro College. Specifically, Hampshire College and Marlboro College agree to the following:

  1. The agreement will become effective only after the New England Commission of Higher Education has expressed its approval of all terms.
  2. The obligation pursuant to this agreement shall terminate when the following conditions have occurred: 
    1. All Marlboro College students accepted by Hampshire College pursuant to this agreement have either graduated from Hampshire College or failed to be continuously enrolled in Hampshire College; or
    2. Four years from July I, 2020.
  3. Hampshire College will waive admission application fees for students applying through this agreement.
  4. Hampshire College will welcome and review, in an expedited manner, applications from currently matriculated students who are in good conduct and good academic and financial standing at Marlboro College as of July 1, 2020, including those who may be on a leave of absence.
  5. Hampshire College will accept academic credits completed at or transferred to Marlboro College to fulfill Hampshire’s Division I and II requirements in order to facilitate timely degree completion. Spanning the first 6 semesters of the education at Hampshire, this is equivalent to fulfilling general education and a major or concentration. Courses graded D or better are eligible to transfer to both Division I and II. Incomplete courses are not eligible for transfer. Minimally, Marlboro students must complete Division III, the final year of their education, in attendance at Hampshire. Under the direction of a faculty committee, Division Ill includes a major project and two Advanced Educational Activities (taken concurrently). The anticipated graduation date for each student entering under this agreement will be set depending on the number of semesters they completed at Marlboro based on an eight semester timeline to complete a BA. The number of credits completed at Marlboro should be roughly 15 credits a semester for a full-time student. The total credits earned by each student will also be taken into account when establishing their anticipated graduation date. 
  6. Hampshire College will determine a financial aid package for each student using its normal packaging formulas. Given the difference in tuition and fees at Hampshire College and Marlboro College, the parties acknowledge that there may be discrepancies in the institutional calculations of net cost to the student. In these cases, Hampshire College will work to bring the student’s net tuition for 2020-2021 as close as possible to the net tuition billed by Marlboro College in 2019-2020. Marlboro College will provide a record of current financial aid packages for all students that apply to Hampshire.
  7. Marlboro College will provide official final transcripts for all students who transfer to Hampshire College.
  8. Hampshire College will provide courses for degrees for which it is approved in a timely manner so as to facilitate students’ completion of a degree or an interdisciplinary degree.
  9. Any Marlboro College student who fails to apply, be accepted, and matriculate at Hampshire College by August 1, 2020 shall be excluded from this agreement. However, priority will be given to those students who apply by the stated transfer application deadline, and applications after that date will be reviewed on a rolling/space available basis.

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