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College of the Atlantic

College of the Atlantic is a small liberal arts college with a community close to 330 students in Bar Harbor, Maine. Their curriculum focuses on a sense of place with areas of study in Environmental Law and Politics, Farming and Food systems, Marine Science and Ethnography and Documentary to name just a few. Their educational philosophy goes hand in hand with Marlboro’s where a student is given the freedom to explore across subjects in an interdisciplinary fashion. Students complete a senior capstone project that captures prior learning experiences and delves deeper into a final thesis. All students from College of the Atlantic graduate with a bachelors of arts in human ecology.

Here you’ll find the definitive terms of Marlboro’s agreement with College of the Atlantic:

College of the Atlantic and Marlboro College, both institutions of higher education accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Commission of Higher Education, have concluded an Exigency Transfer Agreement. This agreement will enable currently enrolled Marlboro College students to complete a baccalaureate degree at College of the Atlantic. Both College of the Atlantic and Marlboro College enter into this agreement with an understanding that the terms enumerated herein should serve to foster student success.

Specifically, College of the Atlantic and Marlboro College agree to the following:

  1. The agreement will become effective only after the New England Commission of Higher Education has expressed its approval of all terms.
  2. The obligation pursuant to this agreement shall terminate when the following conditions have occurred:
    1. All Marlboro College students accepted by College of the Atlantic pursuant to this agreement have either graduated from College of the Atlantic or failed to be continuously enrolled in College of the Atlantic; or
    2. Four years from July 1, 2020.
  3. College of the Atlantic will waive admission application fees for students applying through this agreement.
  • College of the Atlantic will welcome and review applications from currently matriculated students who are in good conduct and good academic and financial standing at Marlboro College as of July 1, 2020, including those who may be on a leave of absence.
  1. For Marlboro College students who enroll at College of the Atlantic, College of the Atlantic will accept all academic credits completed at or transferred into Marlboro College with regard to fulfilling degree requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Human Ecology, so as to facilitate timely degree completion, as detailed here:
    1. College of the Atlantic will provide transfer credit towards a degree for grades of D or above, but not incompletes.
    2. Transferred courses with grades of C or better can be used to meet degree requirements (resource area requirements) at College of the Atlantic.
    3. Marlboro College students entering College of the Atlantic with more than two years of transfer credits:
      1. Will have the human ecology essay requirement waived;
      2. May petition to take coursework instead of the senior project requirement if they can demonstrate curricular need;
      3. May petition to complete the internship requirement using an internship undertaken during their time at Marlboro College.
    4. The writing portfolio requirement may be fulfilled either fully or partially using writing completed by the student as part of Marlboro College courses or programs.
    5. College of the Atlantic cannot accept or award credit for physical education classes, as per the college’s agreement with the New England Commission of Higher Education.
  2. College of the Atlantic will determine a financial aid package for each student using its normal packaging formulas. Given the difference in tuition and fees at College of the Atlantic and Marlboro College, the parties acknowledge that there may be discrepancies in the institutional calculations of net cost to the student. In these cases, College of the Atlantic will work to bring the student’s net tuition for 2020-2021 as close as possible to the net tuition billed by Marlboro College in 2019-2020. Marlboro College will provide a record of current financial aid packages for all students that apply to College of the Atlantic.
  3. Marlboro College will provide official final transcripts for all students who transfer to College of the Atlantic.
  4. College of the Atlantic will provide courses for degrees for which it is approved in a timely manner so as to facilitate students’ completion of an interdisciplinary degree in Human Ecology.
  5. Any Marlboro College student who fails to apply, be accepted, and matriculate at College of the Atlantic by August 1, 2019 shall be excluded from this agreement. However, priority will be given to those students who apply by the transfer deadline of March 15, and applications after that date will be accepted on a rolling/space available basis.

Contact Information:

Marlboro College
Assistant director of Admissions: Krystal Graybeal

College of the Atlantic
Assistant director of Admissions: Todd Miner

Director of Financial Aid: Linda Black


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