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Bennington College

Bennington College is an intentionally small liberal arts college in Bennington, Vermont. Bennington fosters an interdisciplinary approach that is similar to Marlboro’s, where students are encouraged to explore across subjects and engage with peers in smaller, roundtable classroom discussions. The student to faculty ratio is 8:1 and the average class size is 13 students. All Bennington students complete an individualized Plan thesis that includes a faculty advisor.

Here you’ll find the definitive terms of Marlboro’s agreement with Bennington College:

Bennington College and Marlboro College, both institutions of higher education accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Commission of Higher Education, have concluded an Exigency Transfer Agreement. This agreement will enable currently enrolled Marlboro College students to complete a baccalaureate degree at Bennington College. Both Bennington College and Marlboro College enter into this agreement with an understanding that the terms enumerated herein should serve to foster student success.

Specifically, Bennington College and Marlboro College agree to the following:

  1. The agreement will become effective only after the New England Commission of Higher Education has expressed its approval of all terms.
  2. The obligation pursuant to this agreement shall terminate when the following conditions have occurred:
    1. All Marlboro College students accepted by Bennington College pursuant to this agreement have either graduated from Bennington College or failed to be continuously enrolled in Bennington College; or
    2. Four years from July 1, 2020.
  3. Bennington College will waive admission application fees for students applying through this agreement.
    1. Marlboro College students will be required to submit an online application and provide official transcripts of all undergraduate coursework. Official documents received directly from Marlboro College will be acceptable.
    2. International students must also provide official TOEFL or IELTS scores, transcript evaluations (if applicable), and affidavit of financial support, copy of passport and visa, I-94, and SEVIS Transfer Eligibility Verification Form in order to be able to transfer under this Agreement.
    3. The application deadline and the date of matriculation will be set by Bennington College based on the date when this Agreement goes into effect.
  • Bennington College will review applications for admissions, in an expedited manner, from currently matriculated students who are in good conduct and good academic standing at Marlboro College as of July 1, 2020 or the date of application, including those who may be on a leave of absence.
  1. Bennington College will make a good faith effort to accommodate as many transfer credits as possible for each Marlboro College student transferee, including internships, practica and other evaluated learning activities, while maintaining Bennington College’s academic standards. The academic leadership of Marlboro College and Bennington College shall work together to identify the coursework of each Marlboro College student transferee that would satisfy the applicable curricular requirements of Bennington College. Furthermore, Bennington College will waive its two-year residency requirement for Marlboro College students transferring during this agreement.
  2. Bennington College will be flexible with the Field Work Term requirement and expects students to only complete Field Work Terms for their years when matriculated at Bennington College.
  • Until the Termination Date, Bennington College will assess tuition, fees, room, board, and other charges for Marlboro College students on the same basis as all other transfer students and will apply the same standards, practices, and policies of eligibility for financial aid as all other transfer students. Marlboro College will provide a record of current financial aid packages for all students that apply to Bennington College. Bennington College will review the current financial aid packages of Marlboro applicants and make every effort to create a financial award that makes the College affordable based on Bennington’s financial aid policies
  1. Marlboro College will provide official final transcripts for all students who transfer to Bennington College.
  2. Bennington College will provide courses for degrees for which it is approved in a timely manner so as to facilitate students’ completion of a degree or an interdisciplinary degree.

Any Marlboro College student who fails to apply, be accepted, and matriculate at Bennington College by August 1, 2020 shall be excluded from this agreement.

Contact Information

Marlboro College
Admissions Counselor: Alex Quick

Bennington College
Admissions Counselor: Carter Strong

Bennington College
Assistant Director of Financial Aid: Christine Collamore


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