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College counselors are often the first ones to recognize that a student would be good for Marlboro (and vice versa).

Our goal is for every college counselor to know about Marlboro―so when that student does come along (every so often) who says “I don’t just want to go to college, I want to change a college, and be changed by it” you’ll know where to suggest they look.

Loren Pope, author of Colleges That Change Lives, said that “You will find the Marlboro adventure far more intense and intellectually demanding than Harvard, any other Ivy, or Ivy clone. There simply is no comparison.” We think that “adventure” is a pretty good word for it―what else does it look like when you bring together 200 intelligent, diverse, independent thinkers out to Vermont mountains? It’s a lot of fun, and it’s loads of hard work (but that really satisfying kind, where you’re rising to your potential and you know it’s important).

Although we offer a demanding academic program, it’s not always the conventionally high-performing student that succeeds at Marlboro. Often the students who do well at Marlboro are dissatisfied with their high school experience, and might have a bit of a nonconformist streak. Because of this, we don’t rely on benchmarks like GPAs or standardized test scores when we review applications. Instead, we’re looking for critical thinking, self-motivation, and community engagement (or the potential for these).

We welcome your interest on behalf of promising college-bound students, and look forward to an ongoing collaboration. Our admissions counselors love to chat, so feel free to call and discuss a student or Marlboro in general. And if you haven’t visited, we would love to have you. Reach out and we’ll help you plan a Vermont getaway.


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