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Accelerated Master’s Track

If you are hoping to build on your academic interests and earn a marketable graduate degree, Marlboro College’s accelerated master’s track is the best of both worlds.

With the accelerated master’s program you can continue your Marlboro studies beyond your undergraduate experience, including professional placement, and earn a master’s degree in a Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies program within a year or two of graduation. You will begin taking graduate classes while you are still an undergraduate, resulting in significant savings in both time and cost.

More Marlboro

You will find many familiar features at the graduate center consistent with the undergraduate program, including more:

  • small classes
  • ambitious, self-directed projects
  • collaborative efforts
  • focus on clear communication
  • community support

But you will also find more real-world experience, whether that’s in a K-12 classroom, refugee center, or mission-driven organization, as well as more professional contacts through your cohort of inspiring practitioners from across the region.

Less Stress

The accelerated master’s track means graduate school for less money, thanks to the $5,000 Whetstone Fellowship awarded to Marlboro graduates. It also means less time spent in graduate school because you start your work while still an undergrad, and that means less money too. And with the professional placement available in most programs, there’s less stress about finding a job. The accelerated master’s track could be your answer to the age-old conundrum, “What are you going to do after Plan?” Sometimes less is more.

A Simple Transition

The accelerated master’s track provides a fitting transition from Marlboro’s intense academic community to the professional world outside, the opportunity to apply your academic experience in a variety of career fields, including education, business, nonprofit management, social justice, or advocacy.

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