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  • A study of Renaissance Faires in the contemporary US through ethnographic writing and performance. SPONSORS: Paul D. Nelsen, Carol E. Hendrickson OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Anthony Barrand, Boston University
    1995: Anthropology & Theater

  • An examination of development theories and their impact on women in Tanzania; the use of theater to increase women’s participation in development projects. PROJECT: A paper examining development theories in general and thier relation to the Tanzanian Media Women’s Association and their use of theater in particular. Two examinations: one focuses on structural adjustment programes in Tanzania and the roles of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank; the other looks at theater as an educational tool in the United States. An original script and production of a play on women in Africa. INTERNSHIP: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania SPONSORS: Carol E. Hendrickson, Paul D. Nelsen OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Jeff G. Unsicker, SIT
    1994: Anthropology/Development Studies & Theater

  • Studies in theater and biochemistry with an emphasis on practical applications. PROJECT: Direction and production of the play, House, by Richard Maxwell, accompanied by director’s notes and comments. SPONSORS: Todd Smith, Paul Nelsen OUTSIDE EVALUATORS: Edward Isser, College of the Holy Cross; George O’Toole, Dartmouth Medical School
    2014: Biochemistry & Theater

  • Interdiscipinary studies in biology and theater using dramatic performance to discuss epidemics. SPONSORS: Robert E. Engel OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Donald Kroodsma, UMASS Amherst
    1996: Biology & Theater

  • The study of ritual as it exists in dance and choreography. SPONSOR: Dana Holby OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: DeAma Battle, Boston Conservatory
    1995: Dance & Theater/Choreography & Pedagogy

  • An exploration of light and its application in three fields. SPONSORS: Dana Holby, Paul D. Nelsen, James H. Mahoney OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Peter West, Lighting Designer Andrea J. Olsen, Middlebury College
    1992: Dance, Theater & Physics

  • An exploration of dance-theater. PROJECT: A performance of three dances and two research papers on the concept of dance-theater and the lineage of German Tanztheater. SPONSORS: Dana Holby, Wanda Strukus OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Laurie McLeod, Choreographer and Filmmaker
    2014: Dance/Theater

  • The writing & producing of two plays & two short films; the writing of a third play and screenplay; supporting paper on neo-realist film. SPONSORS: Paul D. Nelsen, Geoffry G. Brown OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Leonard Berkman, Smith College
    1995: Film & Theater

  • An exploration of performance dynamics on stage and screen and the critical choices registered by actor and director in entertaining and instructing an audience. SPONSORS: Paul D. Nelson, Jay Craven.
    2014: Film/Video Studies & Theater

  • An exploration within film studies and theater of the directional methods of Strasberg, Stanislavsky, Weston, Cassavetes and Mamet. PROJECT: Direction of a feature film on Super 16mm. Writing, producing, directing a short Super 16mm film. SPONSORS: Jay Craven, Paul D. Nelsen OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: John O’Brien, Independent Filmmaker
    2014: Film/Video Studies/Theater Studies