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  • An exploration of the intersection of architecture and religion in American history. SPONSOR: Kathryn E. Ratcliff OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: John Grayson, Mount Holyoke College
    1995: American Studies/Religion & Architecture

  • A study of religious experience as interpreted through an analysis of anthropological theories of religion and literary works.
    1984: Anthropology & Literature/Religion

  • An investigation of New Age Religion using fieldwork and library-based research. PROJECT: Paper: an ethnography of the Correllian Nativist Church SPONSORS: Carol Hendrickson (primary), Amer Latif (co-sponsor) OUTSIDE EVALUATORS: Abigail Adams, Central Connecticut State University
    2014: Anthropology & Religion

  • A study of sustainable development issues in contemporary Vietnam, from the perspectives of rural development theory, religious ethics and ecologically sustainable agriculture. PROJECT: A paper on the political, economic and distributive aspects of sustainable development and natural resource equity in rural Vietnam, based on library research and a summer of fieldwork in an agrarian commune near Hanoi. SPONSORS: Seth Harter, Amer Latif OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: James Levenson, Tufts University
    2014: Asian Studies & Religion/Sustainable Development

  • An examination of environmental biology including ecological field work in a Rocky Mountain ecosystem, and an investigation of environmental ethics from religious perspectives. PROJECT: A paper presenting and analyzing data on soil carbon in avalanche zones at different stages of recovery from a field study in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. SPONSORS: Robert E. Engel, Jennifer Ramstetter, Amer Latif OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Joy Ackerman, Antioch University New England
    2014: Biology/Alpine Ecology & Religion

  • A study of spirituality and physicality drawing on modern dance and Islam. PROJECT: A body of choreographic work exploring the connections between inward experience and outward expression. SPONSORS: Kristin Horrigan, Amer Latif OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Candice Salyers, Smith College
    2014: Dance & Religion/Islam

  • A comparative study of the religious lives of the Ituri Forest Pygmies
    1968: History Of Religion