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  • An exploration of the social, historical and psychological contexts surrounding feminine beauty ideals, self-image and body work in American culture. PROJECT: A paper on cosmetic surgery and the media’s role in its growing popularity, with an analysis of The Swan. SPONSORS: Kathryn Ratcliff, Thomas Toleno OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Rebecca Hains, Salem State College
    2014: American Studies & Psychology

  • A study of female adolescence in the United States, drawing on perspectives from history, psychology and cultural studies. PROJECT: A study of how single-sex schools impact female self-esteem SPONSOR: Kathryn Ratcliff OUTSIDE EVALUATORS: Rebecca Hains, Salem State College
    2014: American Studies/Psychology

  • A study of selected works in the fields of perceptual psychology, child development, symbolic and cultural anthropology, and international relations, focusing on the learning and use of spoken language in human life and society.
    1984: Anthropology & Psychology

  • An exploration of the impact of educational systems in South Africa and the United States. PROJECT: A history of education in South Africa. SPONSORS: Carol Hendrickson, Jonathan Mack OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Amy Grillo, Union Institute and University
    2014: Anthropology & Psychology

  • An exploration of feminist principles in anthropology, literature and psychology with a focus on imagery of female power. SPONSORS: Dana P. Howell, Kathryn E. Ratcliff, Tobin R. Hart OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Joyce Berkman, UMASS Amherst
    1991: Anthropology, Literature & Psychology

  • The construction and limited cross-cultural application of a functional model for human competence that takes into account physical, psychological and socio-economic factors.
    1976: Anthropology, Sociology & Psychology

  • To gain a foundation in biochemistry and cognitive science in which to examine basic processes of learning and memory. PROJECT: Original lab research on learning and memory: does yotiao modulate NMDA-dependent CREB phosphorylation. SPONSORS: Todd Smith, Thomas L. Toleno OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Jane Couperus, Hampshire College
    2014: Biochemistry/Neuroscience & Psychology/Cognition

  • Animal behavior
    1984: Biology & Psychology

  • A study of biology and psychology emphasizing field work and natural history as a way to study nature and as a vehicle for education. PROJECT: A field study of the red fox with an emphasis on habitat preferences and home range size. SPONSORS: Robert E. Engel, Thomas L. Toleno OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Rosalind Yanishevsky, Research Biologist
    2014: Biology & Psychology

  • A study of biology and psychology and development of a curriculum in marine biology. SPONSOR: Thomas Toleno OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Ty Minton, Antioch Grad School
    1986: Biology & Psychology/Education