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  • An interdisciplinary exploration of the contested relationship between public and private space in the United States, with an emphasis on the contemporary urban environment. PROJECT: New London, Connecticut, and the Kelo decision: A study of urban redevelopment and property redistribution. SPONSORS: Kathryn Ratcliff, Meg Mott, James Tober OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Myrna Breibart, Hampshire College
    2014: American Studies & Economics & Politics

  • A study of citizenship and democracy in the U.S. from the constitutional period to the present. PROJECT: A paper in two parts. The first examines the effects of public policy on citizenship and civic life in the post-War era. The second traces the changes in public space in this period and considers the implications of those changes. SPONSORS: Kathryn E. Ratcliff, Meg Mott OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Scott McLean, Quinnipiac University
    2014: American Studies & Political Science

  • A study of the politics and philosophy of American education with a focus on the K-12 system. SPONSORS: Thomas Redden, Kathryn E. Ratcliff OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Ron LaBrusciano, Antioch Grad School
    1998: American Studies & Political Science/Education

  • A critique of democratic theory and practice in the antebellum era. PROJECT: Exploring the transformations of the democratic paradigm in the 1828 presidential election and its implications for republican participation. SPONSORS: Kathryn Ratcliff, Meg Mott OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Tom Redden, Southern Vermont College

    2010: American Studies & Politics

  • The politics of reform in America: 1900-1970.
    1982: American Studies/Political Science & History

  • An examination of scientific/medical understandings of the female body and a look at the debate within anthropology on the root causes of women’s power and subordination across cultures. SPONSORS: Carol E. Hendrickson OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Barbara Katz Rothman, Baruch College
    1998: Anthropology & Political Science

  • A study of the way in which colonized cultures assimilate the aspects of terror inherent in the culture that colonized them. The Plan traces the history of Mozambique from the pre-colonial era to the present and analyzes the anthropological and political phenomena that concerns colonialism, nationalism, ethnicity and war. SPONSORS: Carol E. Hendrickson, Timothy F. Little, Dana P. Howell OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Joshua B. Forrest, UVM
    1991: Anthropology, History & Political Science

  • A study of Vietnam’s domestic and foreign policies since 1986. PROJECT: A paper based on research with Hanoi residents regarding economics and changing lifestyles in Vietnam since 1986. SPONSORS: Seth Harter, Gerald Levy, Lynette Rummel OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Kate Jellema, independent scholar
    2014: Asian Studies & Politics

  • A study of biochemistry and political science with a focus on tuberculosis. PROJECT: An examination of the etiology and treatment of tuberculosis. SPONSORS: Todd Smith, Lynette Rummel OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Sarah Kemble, Franklin County Community Health Center
    2014: Biochemistry & Political Science/Development Theory

  • A study in biopolitics, public health and HIV. PROJECT: A paper describing HIV infection and potential new therapies. SPONSORS: Todd Smith, Meg Mott OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Armand Balboni, Westfield State College
    2014: Biochemistry/Immunology & Politics/Political Theory