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  • The design and construction of a mass spectograph.
    1968: Atomic Physics

  • General study of biochemical and biophysical mechanisms present in biological systems, and the combination of chemical, physical and mathematical approaches in answering biological questions. SPONSORS: John W. Hayes, James H. Mahoney. OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Arthur McEvily, Opta Foods
    1999: Biochemistry & Physics

  • A study of chemistry and physics with an emphasis on laboratory applications. SPONSORS: John W. Hayes, James H. Mahoney OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Carleton Stinchfield, Greenfield Comm. College
    1991: Chemistry & Physics/Inorganic Chemistry

  • An exploration of light and its application in three fields. SPONSORS: Dana Holby, Paul D. Nelsen, James H. Mahoney OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Peter West, Lighting Designer Andrea J. Olsen, Middlebury College
    1992: Dance, Theater & Physics