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  • A study of the remembrance of the American Civil War through the use of monuments by southern memorial groups. SPONSORS: Kathryn E. Ratcliff, John Willis.
    2014: American Studies & Photography

  • An exploration of the family in the United States with an emphasis on changing concepts of good parenting. PROJECT: Three papers and a photography exhibit. The first paper is an examination of changes in beliefs about good parenting throughout American history. The second is a review of the norms presented in Parenting Magazine. The third is an exploration of current alternative parenting philosophy and practice, relying on interviews and text analysis. The photography project documents experiences with one family. SPONSORS: Kathryn E. Ratcliff, John Willis OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Amy Angell, Vermont College of Union Institute and University
    2014: American Studies/Family Studies & Photography

  • An examination of representations of gender and race in U.S. visual culture, with a focus on ideological and political implications thereof. PROJECT: Two papers: The first is an analysis of the discourse of postfeminism as articulated through the mass media; the second is an examination of the political implications of photographer Lorna Simpson’s images of black women. An exhibit of original photography drawing upon feminist themes. SPONSORS: Felicity Ratte, Kathryn E. Ratcliff, John Willis OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Lise Sanders-Shapiro, Hampshire College
    2014: American Studies/Gender Studies/Media Studies & Visual Arts/Photography

  • An exploration of U.S. history and culture through social documentary and family photography, complemented by personal photographic work. PROJECT: Two papers: one focusing on social documentary photography in the New Deal era, the other on the photographs of Sally Mann. SPONSORS: Kathryn E. Ratcliff, John Willis OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Amy Montali, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts
    2014: American Studies/Photography

  • A study of urban planning and the built environment in Chicago from 1890 to the present, with supporting work in photography. PROJECT: A paper exploring reforms of urban spaces in Chicago from 1871 to 1909. SPONSORS: Kathryn E. Ratcliff, John Willis OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Francis Couvares, Amherst College
    2014: American Studies/Photography

  • An examination of and response to post-modern conceptions of representations particularly as these have to do with gender and the position of the subject in contemporary media texts. SPONSORS: Carol E. Hendrickson, John Willis OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Susan Jahoda, UMASS Amherst
    2014: Anthropology & Photography

  • A survey of the tradition of the classical nude in sculpture and photography. PROJECT: Two papers, one on the role of classicism in the sculpture of Michelangleo, Rodin, Maillol and Moore, and the second on the tension between naturalistic subject matter and classical formalism in photography, citing the work of Mapplethorpe, E. Weston, E.J. Bellocq and Witkin. An exhibition of photograph images relating to the second paper. SPONSORS: Willene B. Clark, John Willis OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Susan Jahoda, UMASS Amherst
    1993: Art History/Photography

  • An examination of identity and nationality in 20th century China through text, photography, and speech. PROJECT: A history of ethnic identity and nationalism in modern China. Internship: Kunming, China SPONSORS: Seth Harter, John Willis OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Pamela Crossley, Dartmouth College
    2014: Asian Studies/Mandarin Chinese & Photography

  • A study of visual perception and memory applied to photography. PROJECT: A written examination of learning and memory in visual terms as well as the limitations of vision imposed by the human brain. SPONSORS: Todd Smith, Thomas Toleno, John Willis OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Humberto Ramirez, Landmark and Vermont Colleges
    2014: Biology & Photography

  • A study on public health in Peru using immunology and photography. PROJECT: A research project on the epidemiology of parasitosis and anemia in children from rural Peru. SPONSORS: Todd Smith, John Willis, Robert E. Engel OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Sharon McDonnell, Dartmouth College
    2014: Biology & Photography