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  • An exploration of progressive movement building, with a focus on theoretical and pragmatic factors. SPONSORS: Kathryn E. Ratcliff, Neal O. Weiner, Meg Mott.
    2014: American Studies & Philosophy

  • An exploration of the history and philosophy of education in American culture. SPONSORS: Kathryn E. Ratcliff, Neal O. Weiner OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Glenn Hudak, NY State at Albany
    1992: American Studies/Education & Philosophy

  • Historical, philosophical and ethnographic research on human relationships with wild animals in the latter half of the 20th century and how these relationships are constructed through an interplay of conservation ethics, biology, imperialism and decolonization. PROJECT: An ethnographic account of human-animal interactions at the Bronx Zoo. SPONSOR: Carol Hendrickson OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: William Edelglass, Colby College
    2014: Anthropology/Philosophy

  • A study of materialism and idealism in Western social thought, with particular attention to the works of G.W.F Hegel, Karl Marx, Claude Levi-Strauss and Leslie White.
    1973: Anthrpology & Philosophy

  • An examination of the conceptual art movement focusing on the subject of artistic intention and the art object, as well as a look at the formal element of repetition, complemented by an exhibition of works on paper. PROJECT: A philosophical exploration of the conceptual art movement with regard to artistic intention and the art object. SPONSORS: William Edelglass, Erin Benay, Cathy Osman OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Nathan Margalit, Mount Holyoke College
    2014: Art History & Philosophy/Visual Art

  • A study of embryology and genetics, with inquiry into mechanisms by which genetic change may result from environmental influences.
    1976: Biology & Philosophy

  • Cellular biochemistry and immunology: the treatment and identification of harmful genetic mutations. SPONSORS: Robert E. Engel, Todd Smith, Neal O. Weiner.
    2014: Biology & Philosophy/Ethics

  • Science and criminality: a study of the current philosophical and scientific approaches to the treatment of extreme deviant human behavior. SPONSORS: Robert Engel, James Thomas OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Ty Minton, Antioch N.E.
    1988: Biology & Philosophy/Hormonal Biology & Philosophy Of Science

  • How could a machine exhibit intelligence to an observer, and what approaches are likely to produce the required behavior? A cross-disciplinary examination of this question with an emphasis on Kantian epistemology. SPONSORS: Mark Francillon, Neal O. Weiner OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: John T. Sanders, Rochester Institute of Technology
    2014: Computer Science & Philosophy/Cognitive Science

  • An interdisciplinary study of environmental management with a focus on collaborative, place-based and adaptive planning, drawing on economics, environmental philosophy and policy studies. PROJECT: A case study of the Northern Forest planning initiative, examining history, process and outcomes. SPONSORS: James Tober, William Edelglass OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Jan Dizard, Amherst College
    2014: Economics & Philosophy