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  • A study of the self-representation of selected contemporary female artists with an emphasis on how the gendered body is reconfigured in the context of postmodernism and an analytical paper complemented by artwork. PROJECT: Virtual Selves: Plasticity and Manipulation in the Works of Cindy Sherman and Nikki S. Lee. SPONSORS: Kathryn Ratcliff, Cathy Osman OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Lise Sanders, Hampshire College
    2014: American Studies/Gender Studies/Painting

  • A study of the two early abstract painters: Vassily Kandinsky and Sonia Delaunay. SPONSOR: Willene Clark OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Matthew Rohn, Williams College
    1987: Art History & Painting

  • A study of the New Realist movement in painting supplemented by studio work.
    1976: Art History/Painting

  • A study of the techniques of oil painting through studio work and study of some of the 19th century French landscape painters.
    1981: Art/Painting

  • Development of painting skills and study of 19th and 20th century paintings.
    1980: Art/Painting