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  • A study of the anatomy and physiology of the human kidney, with the goal of using mathematical tools to predict the severity of kidney disease. PROJECT: A paper detailing work on mathematical models of kidney functions. SPONSORS: Todd Smith, Matthew Ollis
    2014: Biology & Mathematics

  • An investigation of issues in ecology and conservation biology with a focus on the impacts of human disturbance and mathematical analysis. PROJECT: The impact of human disturbance on plant populations supported by mathematical prediction. SPONSORS: Jennifer Ramstetter, Matthew Ollis OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Steven Ellsworth, Sierra Nevada College
    2014: Biology/Ecology/Conservation Biology & Mathematics

  • A broad study within computer science and mathematics with an emphasis on Internet security and cryptography. PROJECT: The development of a course on computer networking and Internet security. SPONSORS: Matthew Ollis, Jim Mahoney OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Matthew Dailey, Dartmouth College
    2014: Computer Science/Security & Mathematics/Cryptography

  • Studies in seafaring cultures with a focus on Newfoundland and the mathematics of traditional navigation, and practical experience with the SEA semester. PROJECT: A paper examining the influence of seafaring in creating cultural identity in Newfoundland as a form of cultural nationalism. SPONSORS: Dana P. Howell, Matthew Ollis OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Gene Ammarell, Ohio University
    2014: Cultural History/Mathematics

  • A study of neoclassical microeconomics, macroeconomics and international trade theory with special emphasis placed on economic integration. In addition, the Plan contains a study of mathematics and its application to economic theory.
    1981: Economics & Mathematics

  • A study in the fields of documentary film and mathematics with a focus on graph theory. PROJECT: Directing and editing a documentary film and a reflexive mathematical documentary. A paper about documentary film and a paper studying a graph theory problem. SPONSORS: Jay Craven, Matthew Ollis OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Bess O’Brien, Filmmaker and Theater Producer
    2014: Film/Video Studies/Documentary & Mathematics

  • A study of the use of mathematical analysis as a tool for modeling in the earth sciences. SPONSORS: Mary Edwards, Joseph Mazur OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: William McCoy, UMASS
    1988: Geology & Mathematics