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  • An analysis of the Arabization of the Iberian Peninsula and the legacy of Moorish Spain, using the Spanish language. PROJECT: A paper on the Arabization of the Iberian Peninsula (756 - c.a. 1100 AD). SPONSORS: Gloria Biamonte, Carol Hendrickson, Timothy F. Little, Resha Cardone OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Maryanne Leone, Assumption College.

    2014: Anthropology & History & Languages/Spanish

  • An exploration of the effects and interpretation of history in the culture and world of modern West and North Africa. PROJECT: An anthropological survey of the role of the historical libraries in Chinguetti, Mauritania, within their living historical context. SPONSORS: Carol Hendrickson, Timothy Little, Tom Means OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Barbara Worley, University of Massachusetts Boston
    2014: Anthropology & History/Languages

  • An anthropological investigation of food in Mexico. SPONSORS: Edmund M. Brelsford, Carol E. Hendrickson OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Richard Ramsay, Anthropologist
    1998: Anthropology & Languages/Spanish

  • A study of modern art with an emphasis on the Fauve movement. SPONSORS: Willene B. Clark OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Sarah Levine, Hampshire College
    1991: Art History/French Language

  • An exploration of conservation biology through three papers (one in French) and two internships. PROJECT: Two integrated papers reflecting internship experience: The first explores issues involved with captive animals in zoological parks; the second examines forest fragmentations and primate populations in Madagascar. SPONSORS: Robert E. Engel, Laura D’Angelo, Gloria Biamonte OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Joyce Poszyk, Wesleyan University
    2014: Biology/Conservation Biology & Languages/French

  • A comparative study of ancient Indo-European languages focusing on verb morphology. SPONSOR: Jacqueline Elliott OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Jay Harold Jasanoff, Cornell University
    1997: Classics/Languages

  • A study of artificial intelligence languages and natural language processing. SPONSOR: Adrian Segar OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Daniel Watt, Will Browning, Cushing Academy
    1986: Computer Science/Languages

  • A study of biofuel production including an economic analysis of costs and an analysis of production technology. PROJECT: A paper on biomimicry describing the transition from polluting sources of power generation to more environmentally benign sources based on natural biological systems. SPONSOR: Todd Smith OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Tad Montgomery, Tad Montgomery & Associates Ecological Engineering
    2014: Environmental Studies/Biofuels & Languages/French

  • A look at the political aims and functions of documentary film groups in the United States and Mexico. PROJECT: A documentary film about women who occupied a Mexican television station in 2006, with translated transcripts. SPONSOR: Jay Craven OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Peter Gould, theater artist and Spanish language specialist
    2014: Film/Video Studies & Languages/Spanish

  • The development of proficiency in Italian, French and Portuguese, with a view toward teaching. SPONSORS: Edmund M. Brelsford OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Alvino Fantini, SIT
    1991: Foreign Languages/Pedagogy