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Plans in Environmental Studies:

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  • An examination of the relationship between people and the physical environment in the U.S. West with a focus on water resources. PROJECT: A paper on the history and ecology of the Klamath Basin, Oregon. SPONSORS: Kathryn E. Ratcliff, Robert E. Engel, John Sheehy OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Karen Merrill, Williams College
    2014: American Studies & Environmental Studies

  • A study of place-based education in southeastern Vermont, with a focus on nature. PROJECT: A series of ethnographies exploring place-based education in the region. SPONSORS: Carol Hendrickson, Jennifer Ramstetter OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Jane Miller, Antioch University New England
    2014: Anthropology & Environmental Studies/Education

  • A study of biochemistry and environmental science focusing on environmental hazards with attention to the possible greater vulnerability of children, with a supporting internship at the Norwegian Center for Child Research. SPONSORS: James A. Tober, John W. Hayes OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Arthur Westing, Westing Associates
    1997: Biochemestry & Environmental Studies

  • A study of the mountain environment from both the biological and meteorological perspectives. SPONSOR: Mary Edwards OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Laura Conkey, Dartmouth College
    1988: Biology & Environmental Science/Ecology & Meteorology

  • A study of plant responses to elevated carbon-dioxide concentrations and of market-based pollution control measures. SPONSORS: Jennifer Ramstetter OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: David S. Ellsworth, Duke University
    2014: Biology & Environmental Studies

  • A study of social change in Brazil with an emphasis on the Amazon region. PROJECT: A paper addressing land, people and power in Brazil. Internship: Santarem, Brazil SPONSORS: Jennifer Ramstetter, Lynette Rummel OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Amity Doolittle, Yale University
    2014: Development Studies & Environmental Studies

  • A study of the juncture of human needs and environmental conservation in international development. SPONSOR: Gordon C. Thomasson OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Carolyn Harper, UMASS Amherst
    1991: Development Studies/Environmental Studies

  • An examination of the U.S. Economy, from the perspectives of economics and history, with a special emphasis on environmental quality.
    1983: Economics/Environmental Science

  • A broad study in environmental science with a focus on forestry, biology and environmental education. SPONSORS: Jennifer Ramstetter OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Mark Scott, VT Fish and Wildlife Department
    1991: Environmental Science

  • To gain a broad background in the environmental sciences and develop an understanding of theoretical concepts involved in the application of renewable energy technologies, particularly those involved with the use of solar energy.
    1980: Environmental Science