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  • A broad study of the social sciences and humanities with an emphasis on current ethnographic methods and writing in anthropology; as well as an exploration of choreography. SPONSORS: Carol Hendrickson, Dana Holby, Gloria Biamonte.
    2014: Anthropolgy & Dance/Ethnographic Studies

  • A study of the relationships between conceptual and performance art with a focus on artistic appropriation and authorship. PROJECT: A paper examining the concepts of object and subjecthood in the works of conceptual and performance artists from the 1960s and ’70s. SPONSORS: Erin Benay, Kristin Horrigan OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Frazer Ward, Smith College
    2014: Art History/Modern And Contemporary & Dance

  • A study of natural science and dance in an effort to understand signaling and mate selection. PROJECT: A study of mate selection and gender recognition, with an emphasis on human pheremones. SPONSORS: Todd Smith, Dana Holby, Robert E. Engel OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Catherine Parker, University of Pennsylvania
    2014: Biochemistry & Dance & Biology

  • A study in biology and dance that interprets concepts of health in ethnobotanical plant use and cultural movement practices in a Colombian community. SPONSORS: Jennifer Ramstetter, Dana Holby. OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Timothy Johns, McGill University.
    1999: Biology/Ethnobotany & Dance

  • A study of the intersection of information technology and dance with emphasis on experimentation with the audience/performer relationship and how informal human/computer interfaces can facilitate such experimentation. PROJECT: A three part dance performance exploring one theme with varying amounts of technology. The first emphasizes choreographic and stylistic composition, the second uses performance and interactive technologies and the third uses only interactive technologies. SPONSORS: Jim Mahoney, Dana Holby OUTSIDE EVALUATORS: Kristin Horrigan, Providence College and Larry Polansky, Dartmouth College
    2014: Computer Science & Dance/Performance And Computer Media

  • An exploration of dance in Greek tragedy with a focus on visual aesthetics. PROJECT: A modern ballet interpretation of Greek tragedies. SPONSOR: Dana Holby OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: William Seigh, Keene State College
    2014: Dance

  • A study of dance with an emphasis on the choreographic and performance processes. PROJECT: A dance performance using memories and personal experiences as source material for the choreography. SPONSOR: Dana Holby OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Thomas DeFrantz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    2014: Dance

  • A study of dance history from the 16th century through the Balanchine era. OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Nancy Reynolds, Research Director, George Balanchine Trust Foundation
    1995: Dance

  • A study of dance as performance with a focus on the representation of female identity in Africanist and Europeanist concert dance. PROJECT: A body of dances exploring themes of womanhood found in Africanist and Europeanist dance cultures. SPONSOR: Kristin Horrigan OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Thomas DeFrantz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    2014: Dance

  • An exploration of dance, race and gender in Brazil, drawing on materials from an internship in Salvador, Bahia. SPONSORS: Dana Holby, Carol Hendrickson.
    2014: Dance & Anthropolgy