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  • A comparative study of U.S. and Soviet women as workers and mothers in the twentieth century. SPONSORS: Dana P. Howell, Kathryn E. Ratcliff OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Joyce Berkman, UMASS Amherst
    1997: American Studies & Cultural History/Soviet Studies

  • A study of European and American cultural history with special emphasis on architecture and art during the 19th century.
    1984: American Studies/Cultural History

  • A study of nationalism and identity in central Europe, focusing on Hungary, including a study at Jozsef Attila University in Szeged, Hungary. PROJECT: Two major papers. The first is a review of recent studies of nationalism in general the second paper examines the development of Hungarian national cultural indentity. In addition there is a supporting paper on the idea of a central European identity. SPONSORS: Dana P. Howell, Timothy F. Little OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Tamas Aczel, UVM at Amherst.
    1993: Comparative Cultural History

  • An examination of the connection between figures of history and figures of folklore in British tradition, particularly the figure of King Arthur. PROJECT: Two papers. One focuses on the historical person and the historical elements of Arthurian tradition, and the other focuses on folkloric or mythical elements of Arthurian tradition, with discussion of the connection between the Arthur of history and of folklore. SPONSORS: Dana P. Howell, Timothy F. Little OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Paul Cullity, Keene State College
    2014: Cultural History & History

  • A cultural and literary exploration of American senses of place, focusing on New England and the South. PROJECT: A series of papers exploring the construction and presentation of place in tourism and in literary works. SPONSORS: Dana P. Howell, John Sheehy OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Peter Mallary, Vermont journalist, historian and editor
    2014: Cultural History & Literature

  • A study of Czech and Soviet cultural identity in the 20th century through literature and film. PROJECT: An examination of the relationship of socialist realism to Czech new wave. SPONSORS: Dana Howell, Geraldine Pittman de Batlle OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Polina Barskova, Hampshire College
    2014: Cultural History & Literature/Russian & East European Studies

  • A comparative study of transformational figures in traditional and popular culture. SPONSOR: Dana P. Howell OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Meredith McMunn, Rhode Island College
    1997: Cultural History/Folklore

  • Studies in seafaring cultures with a focus on Newfoundland and the mathematics of traditional navigation, and practical experience with the SEA semester. PROJECT: A paper examining the influence of seafaring in creating cultural identity in Newfoundland as a form of cultural nationalism. SPONSORS: Dana P. Howell, Matthew Ollis OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Gene Ammarell, Ohio University
    2014: Cultural History/Mathematics

  • A study of cultural changes in Post-Soviet society. SPONSOR: Dana P. Howell OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Barbara Charkey, Keene State
    1996: Cultural History/Post-Soviet Studies

  • A study of modern Russian culture and society with a focus on peasants and urbanization. SPONSORS: Dana P. Howell OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Denise Youngblood, University of Vermont
    1998: Cultural History/Russian Studies