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  • The Plan is twofold: first, the study of 19th century English and American thought with special emphasis on the development of religious thought and the American frontier, and second, the study of fiction and the writing of fiction.
    1979: American Studies & Writing

  • A historical and creative inquiry into the societies of 10th- to 13th-century East Asia. PROJECT: A paper analyzing Sinification and its place in the Khitan and Tangut societies of the 10th- to 12th- century CE. SPONSORS: Seth Harter, Laura Stevenson OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Don Wyatt, Middlebury College
    2014: Asian Studies & Writing/Illustration

  • A study of the wolf through biology, literature and writing. PROJECT: A study of the theories of animal cognition with a focus on Canis lupus. SPONSORS: Robert E. Engel, Laura C. Stevenson OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Robert Siegel, University of Wisconsin
    2014: Biology/Writing

  • An examination of political and epistemological anarchism. Further study of anarchism as expressed in utopian literature, and the development of writing that attempts to integrate political themes into fiction. SPONSORS: T. Hunter Wilson, Katie Kramer, Peter Gyallay-Pap OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Richard Powers
    1985: Creative Writing, Literature & Political Science

  • An investigation into the process of creating moving visual images and personal essays using family history to generate material. SPONSORS: Dana Holby, Gloria Biamonte.
    2014: Dance & Writing

  • An exploration of the subjective experience of soldiers in Vietnam through the writing of a documentary research paper and the development and production of an original screenplay. Also, the writing of two screenplays exploring themes of love, hate, violence, and humor as experienced by contemporary characters. SPONSORS: Jay Craven, Timothy F. Little.
    2014: Film/Video Studies & Screenwriting

  • A combination of survey, criticism and film writing to demonstrate how individual artists make established genres and archetypes fresh and original by bringing their own views, experiences and emotional frames of reference to the work. PROJECT: A comprehensive analysis of Francis Ford Coppola’s Godfather trilogy; two feature-length scripts: one an action adventure piece, one an adaptation of a classic work of literature; several short interconnected comedy pieces. SPONSORS: Jay Craven, John Sheehy
    2014: Film/Video Studies & Writing/Criticism

  • An exploration of the technical and conceptual aspects of film and video production.
    2014: Film/Video Studies/Editing & Screenwriting

  • A study of screenwriting with an emphasis on extreme human behavior as shown in the films of various European and American directors. PROJECT: Feature length screenplay. SPONSOR: Jay Craven OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Bill Phillips, Dartmouth College
    2014: Film/Video Studies/Screenwriting

  • An exploration of the spiritual dimensions of the martial arts, specifically traditional Chinese martial arts and their relationship to Daoism, and an examination of how martial arts and spirituality have been portrayed in film. PROJECT: A screenplay concerning the spiritual dimensions of East Asian martial arts. SPONSORS: Seth Harter, Jay Craven OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: William Phillips, Dartmouth College
    2014: Film/Video Studies/Screenwriting And Criticism & Asian Studies/Daoism