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  • A study of form and style in ancient Mayan pottery, supplemented by work in studio pottery exploring the same theme. SPONSORS: Willene B. Clark, Michael Boylen, John W. Hayes OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Michael Coe, Peabody Museum, Yale University
    1985: Art History, Pottery & Chemistry

  • A study of the salient features of biology, ecology and chemistry.
    1981: Biology & Chemistry

  • The determination of the absorbtion of nitrate and phosphate ions on cellulose fibers and clay in the Putney Paper Mill effluent.
    1970: Chemistry

  • An exploration of the organic molecules used in photovoltaic cells with an emphasis on dye-sensitized solar cells and an exploration of the potential of solar power to become a primary source of energy in the United States. PROJECT: A paper focusing on dye-sensitized solar cells and current research to increase their efficiencies. SPONSOR: Todd Smith OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Peter Talmadge, Greenfield Community College
    2014: Chemistry

  • A study of chemistry and physics with an emphasis on laboratory applications. SPONSORS: John W. Hayes, James H. Mahoney OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Carleton Stinchfield, Greenfield Comm. College
    1991: Chemistry & Physics/Inorganic Chemistry