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  • A study of Neolithic and Bronze Age pottery types in Europe and an exhibition of pottery. OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Dr. Ruth Tringham, Harvard University
    1972: Art History & Pottery

  • A study of Renaissance pottery in Italy through the work of Sipriano Piccolpasso and the works of modern authors.
    1973: Art History & Pottery

  • A study of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan during the Kamakura and Murimachi periods.
    1973: Art History & Pottery

  • A study of form and style in ancient Mayan pottery, supplemented by work in studio pottery exploring the same theme. SPONSORS: Willene B. Clark, Michael Boylen, John W. Hayes OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Michael Coe, Peabody Museum, Yale University
    1985: Art History, Pottery & Chemistry

  • A bichemical examination of the visual system and a study of glaze chemistry and production of functional pottery forms, with independent work in wood firing and vapor glazing. SPONSORS: John W. Hayes, Michael Boylen OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Patrick Dolph, Dartmouth College
    2014: Biochemistry & Ceramics

  • An investigation of the behavioral ecology of marine mammals with an emphasis on the Northern resident population of Orcinus orca and an exploration of marine-based forms in ceramics. PROJECT: A paper exploring locomotory energetics and social organization of the Northern resident population of Orcinus orca. SPONSORS: Robert E. Engel, Michael Boylen OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Kate Sardi, The Whale Center of New England
    2014: Biology & Ceramics

  • A study of biology focusing on aspects of pollination success in the Orchidaceae and work in ceramics inclduing organic forms inspired by the orchid Cypripedium acaule SPONSORS: Jennifer Ramstetter, Michael Boylen OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Dorothy Allard, Biologist
    2014: Biology & Ceramics

  • Study in the ceramic arts that involves wheel-thrown vessel forms and an examination of the origin and effects of the Arts and Crafts Movement. PROJECT: An exhibition of ceramic work and a paper on the Arts and Crafts Movement with a particular focus on ceramics and the women involved. SPONSORS: Michael Boylen, Timothy J. Segar OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Angela Fina, Ceramic Artist
    2014: Ceramics

  • Functional pottery, ceramic sculpture, and a study of the evolution of studio ceramics in the United States. PROJECT: An exhibition of functional pottery and ceramic sculpture. SPONSORS: Michael Boylen, Timothy J. Segar OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Mark Shapiro, ceramic artist
    2014: Ceramics

  • A firm grounding in ceramics and anthropology with a focus on Japanese tableware and food culture, and an emphasis on wheel-thrown forms and traditional foods as they relate to Japanese identities. PROJECT: A ceramics exhibit displaying utilitarian works created with inspiration from Japanese ceramic traditions. SPONSORS: Carol Hendrickson, Michael Boylen OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Angela Fina, Independent Artist
    2014: Ceramics & Anthropology