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  • A study of selected historical and biological issues in women’s reproductive health. SPONSORS: Jennifer Ramstetter, Kathryn E. Ratcliff OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Mary Bove, Physician
    1995: American Studies & Biology/Environmental Sceinces

  • An interdisciplinary investigation into the changing interactions between Canada geese (Branta canadensis) and humans (Homo sapiens). SPONSORS: Robert E. Engel, Carol E. Hendrickson OUTSIDE EVALUATORS: Richard Judd, Professor Emeritus, Marlboro College Arthur Westing, Westing Associates
    1997: Anthropology & Biology

  • An investigation of current techniques of molecular biology and their applications to biochemistry and cell biology. SPONSORS: John W. Hayes, Robert E. Engel OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Bradford Jameson, Temple University
    1991: Biochemisrty/Molecular Biology

  • An attempt to integrate the fundamentals of chemistry and biology in a study of life processes.
    1978: Biochemistry & Biology

  • A study of genetics and biochemisrty with an emphasis on using electrophoretic techniques to measure genetic diversity in natural populations. SPONSORS: John W. Hayes, Jennifer Ramstetter OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Richard C. Lewontin, Harvard University
    1992: Biochemistry & Biology

  • A literature survey of previous research on carnivorous plants and a synthesis of that material.
    1976: Biochemistry & Biology

  • Broad study of molecular biology and biology in order to understand the neuroendocrine and evolutionary bases of sexual reproduction and associated behaviors. PROJECT: A laboratory experiment exploring the interaction of genes, environment and epigenetics in gene expression, specifically the impact of diet on DNA methylation in Drosophila. SPONSORS: Todd Smith, Robert E. Engel OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: David Berlinsky, University of New Hampshire
    2014: Biochemistry & Biology/Animal Behavior

  • A broad study of the life sciences, using Bio. & Biochem. to analyze human behavior & Phys. SPONSOR: Robert E. Engel, John W. Hayes OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Ray C. Abney, Psychiatrist, Brattleboro Retreat
    1996: Biochemistry & Biology/Physiology

  • A study of natural science and dance in an effort to understand signaling and mate selection. PROJECT: A study of mate selection and gender recognition, with an emphasis on human pheremones. SPONSORS: Todd Smith, Dana Holby, Robert E. Engel OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Catherine Parker, University of Pennsylvania
    2014: Biochemistry & Dance & Biology

  • A broad analysis of the interactions between organisms and their environment from a biochemist’s and endocrinologist’s perspective. PROJECT: Paper discussing laboratory research on the effect of an endocrine-disrupting chemical, bisphenol-A, on gene expression in chicken testes. SPONSORS: Todd Smith, Robert Engel OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: R. Thomas Zoeller, University of Massachusetts Amherst
    2014: Biochemistry/Avian Biology