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  • A study of the development of military philosophy in pre-imperial China and the application of that philosophy to the teaching and practice of jujitsu. PROJECT: A paper detailing the development of core principles of early Chinese military philosophy. SPONSOR: Seth Harter OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Patrick Donahue, Brattleboro School of Budo
    2014: Asian Studies

  • A study of Vietnam’s domestic and foreign policies since 1986. PROJECT: A paper based on research with Hanoi residents regarding economics and changing lifestyles in Vietnam since 1986. SPONSORS: Seth Harter, Gerald Levy, Lynette Rummel OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Kate Jellema, independent scholar
    2014: Asian Studies & Politics

  • A study of sustainable development issues in contemporary Vietnam, from the perspectives of rural development theory, religious ethics and ecologically sustainable agriculture. PROJECT: A paper on the political, economic and distributive aspects of sustainable development and natural resource equity in rural Vietnam, based on library research and a summer of fieldwork in an agrarian commune near Hanoi. SPONSORS: Seth Harter, Amer Latif OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: James Levenson, Tufts University
    2014: Asian Studies & Religion/Sustainable Development

  • A historical and creative inquiry into the societies of 10th- to 13th-century East Asia. PROJECT: A paper analyzing Sinification and its place in the Khitan and Tangut societies of the 10th- to 12th- century CE. SPONSORS: Seth Harter, Laura Stevenson OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Don Wyatt, Middlebury College
    2014: Asian Studies & Writing/Illustration

  • A study of the development of environmental management in China. PROJECT: An analysis of environmental management in China through case studies. INTERNSHIP: Beijing, China SPONSORS: Seth Harter, John Willis OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Mark Dailey, Green Mountain College
    2014: Asian Studies/Chinese Environmental Development

  • An overview of poverty in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. PROJECT: Essays on poverty in the Lao PDR. SPONSORS: Seth Harter, Lynette Rummel OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Golan Samdani Fakir, School for International Training
    2014: Asian Studies/Development Studies

  • An examination of identity and nationality in 20th century China through text, photography, and speech. PROJECT: A history of ethnic identity and nationalism in modern China. Internship: Kunming, China SPONSORS: Seth Harter, John Willis OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Pamela Crossley, Dartmouth College
    2014: Asian Studies/Mandarin Chinese & Photography

  • An examination of the effects of political changes on Chinese society during the Cultural Revolution and post-Mao reform era. PROJECT: A study of the causes and actions of the 1989 protests in Tiananmen Square. SPONSOR: Seth Harter OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Suzanne Zhang-Gottschang, Smith College
    2014: Asian Studies/Modern Chinese History

  • An exploration of the spiritual dimensions of the martial arts, specifically traditional Chinese martial arts and their relationship to Daoism, and an examination of how martial arts and spirituality have been portrayed in film. PROJECT: A screenplay concerning the spiritual dimensions of East Asian martial arts. SPONSORS: Seth Harter, Jay Craven OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: William Phillips, Dartmouth College
    2014: Film/Video Studies/Screenwriting And Criticism & Asian Studies/Daoism

  • An examination on the changing European attitudes toward going native in British India and other British dependencies as well as the attitudes of the native population toward the changing sentiments. PROJECT: A paper outlining, from the late 18th century to the 20th, the Far East imperial expansion of the British and the native response SPONSORS: Seth Harter (primary), Timothy Little (co-sponsor) OUTSIDE EVALUATORS: Thomas Williams, Green Mountain College
    2014: History & Asian Studies