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  • The history of American art and architecture from the 17th century to WWI, with emphasis upon the architecture as a product of American thought and culture.
    1981: American Studies & Art History

  • A history of American architecture and building technology in the context of American studies and selected topics in English industrial and architectural history.
    1980: American Studies & Art History

  • A study of 19th century American cultural history. SPONSORS: Richard Judd, Willene B. Clark OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Rodris Roth, Smithsonian Institution
    1985: American Studies & Art History

  • A historical and anthropological analysis of Crow Indian art. SPONSORS: Carol E. Hendrickson, Willene B. Clark. OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Jean Forward, UMASS Amherst
    1991: Anthropology & Art History

  • A study of animals in New England folk sculpture and an exhibit of the student’s own work.
    1971: Art & Art History

  • Claude Monet and his art.
    1968: Art History

  • Survey of the major and minor arts of Colonial America and the Early Republic studied in relation to the major developments in European art.
    1971: Art History

  • Techniques and iconography of Romanesque stamped book bindings.
    1971: Art History

  • A study of Dutch 17th century painting with a paper on the life and work of Carel Fabritius.
    1973: Art History

  • A study of the decorative arts in England between c. 450 A.D. and c. 810 A.D.
    1973: Art History