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  • An exploration of the theory and practice of museum work with a focus on Latin American case studies. PROJECT: One paper provides an overview of contemporary museum studies theory. Two exhibition scripts. The first for an on-line exhibit analyzing race, class and gender issues in 19th century Mexico; the second for a gallery exhibit investigating the intersection of religion and tourism in Afro-Cuban dance performance. SPONSORS: Kathryn E. Ratcliff, Carol E. Hendrickson OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Morgan Perkins, SUNY Potsdam
    2014: American Studies & Anthropology/Museum Studies

  • A study of the methods and ethics of anthropological field research and an investigation of female genital mutilation. SPONSOR: Joseph Schaeffer OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Kathleen McDermott, Middlebury College
    1985: Anthropology

  • A comparison of two Prehispanic Lowland Indian cultures: the Maya of the Yucatan peninsula and Guatemala and the Taino of the Greater Antilles. Similarities and differences in ecology, economics, social structure and religion are noted.
    1977: Anthropology

  • Architecture’s role in the creation of America’s pattern of urbanization.
    1971: Anthropology

  • Tolkien and his Greek hobbits from the North.
    1971: Anthropology

  • A study of the performance of female and male roles in hunting-and-gathering, horticultural, agricultural and industrial societies. An investigation of the development of the two-career family as an innovative lifestyle in the United States.
    1977: Anthropology

  • A comparison, analysis and critique of the theories of Claude Levi-Strauss and Mircea Eliade.
    1971: Anthropology

  • A study of human ecology with an emphasis on religious practice as a method of control and regulation in selected societies.
    1977: Anthropology

  • An exploration of tropics in medical anthropology with an area focus on Mexico. SPONSOR: Carol E. Hendrickson.
    2014: Anthropology

  • An examination of healing practices. SPONSORS: Carol E. Hendrickson, Dana P. Howell OUTSIDE EVALUATOR: Jean Forward, UMASS Amherst
    1992: Anthropology