It begins with a promise
and ends with a plan.

The Marlboro Promise is a guarantee we make to all incoming students: no matter what you study, you’ll graduate with the skills you need for a successful life, however you choose to define it.


Panorambles offers virtual tour of campus

Mark Roessler ’90 gives virtual visitors a 360-degree perspective.

The Mirror of Stories

Avellana Ross ’19 adapts a legend from the Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the K’iche’ Maya, in her Plan of Concentration.


The Philosophy of Fashion

Raghavendra Rathore ’91 designs with “emotion and a sense of responsibility.”


“Quintessential Americans” online

Retired theater professor Geof Brown makes 120 monologues available for students of history and theater.

Marlboro’s faculty to student ratio is
5 to 1

— one of the lowest in the US.


of alumni say that Marlboro’s emphasis on self-directed learning has helped them continue to identify, develop, and pursue their ideas and interests.

Our average class size is


Our campus has

miles of hiking and jogging trails on 350 acres.

The average number of books checked out by Marlboro students each year from our library system:

The national average is 6.

Average inches of snowfall in Marlboro:

That’s a lot of snow sculptures!

Cost for cookies from the cookie drawer:

(a coveted dining hall tradition)

Number of fast-food chains on campus:

of Marlboro graduates say their education prepared them well for graduate school or further academic study.


“This is a place where you can really make change.”

Charlie Hickman talks about student engagement and Town Meeting.

A Historic Partnership

For 69 years, Marlboro Music has held its summer community on Marlboro’s hilltop campus. Learn more about our partnership.